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Santana, Webb, Peavy, Sabathia....where's Zambrano?

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  • Santana, Webb, Peavy, Sabathia....where's Zambrano?

    now, i know carlos zambrano gets his props (definitely shown through his salary), but i find it a bit odd how little attention he seems to get. he should get his 100th win by the end of the year if he hits the same win total as last year. his ERA is more than a half-run lower than sabathia's (yep, he is in the NL, i know), but am i the only one that wonders how he doesn't get the hype that the other 4 i mentioned gets? hell, i am a bosox fan, and love beckett, but still think zambrano should get more pub.

    sorry i just thought i'd throw in something different

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    Santana, Webb, and Peavey (minus 2006) have all been better and more consistant pitchers over the past 5 years than Zambrano. C.C. just won a Cy Young, has a silly name, and is huge- all things that garner attention. Give it time, and I feel Zambrano will continue his success at a greater pace than C.C. and will be given more attention.
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      oh, i know. i just find it odd though, considering the fiery attitude zambrano has and all. i went to a game in wrigley in '03 when zambrano started against the giants, and with the bases loaded in i think the 5th or 6th inning, facing barry bonds, he got a little nubber of a line drive right back at him and he was going bananas with excitement.

      not to mention he also has 13 career home runs


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        Over the last 2+ seasons Zambrano hasn't been near as good as Santana and Webb, but after that there is nobody who has been demonstrably better )maybe Halladay).
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          Originally posted by KCGHOST View Post
          Over the last 2+ seasons Zambrano hasn't been near as good as Santana and Webb, but after that there is nobody who has been demonstrably better )maybe Halladay).
          This is when I love watching Aaron Harang-Carlos Zambrano matchups because whenever they happen in real life (such as tonight), Harang wins. Happened a lot last year. Zambrano gets enough attention, Harang doesn't. In fact, here is my little stat, in head-to-head starts since 2006, Harang leads Zambrano 4-1, that one loss being Opening Day 2006.
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            I tell you what, Zambrano is a Cy Young award waiting to happen. I honestly believe that if he carries on the way he is going, he will have a few Cy Youngs to show off.
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              The reason he doesnt get the same attention as them is cause they are better. As much as I hate to admit it, they are. However this could change. If Zambrano can be good Zambrano most of the year, then he would be among the elite, but he has no consistancy. In April and May last year, he seemed bad, didnt have good numbers, then come June and July and with the exception of his first start in June, he was one of the most dominant forces in the game, then came August after he signed the deal, he started imploding, being booed by the home crowd, then in September,he was just another pitcher, and now this year so far hes been a force to be reckoned with. SO no one can tell you what Zambrano is gonna do. Hes a player you should never bet money on cause he could be the most amazing thing you've ever seen, or he could be downright awful. If he can stay good for 5 of the 6 months, or 25 of the 35 starts, then hed be considered one of the best in the league. Give him a few years and see how he matures. Hes going into his prime (only 26 I believe), so we'll see how the next 6 years pan out for us.
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