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Pitcher Geremi Gonzalez killed by lightning

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  • Pitcher Geremi Gonzalez killed by lightning

    Former U.S. Major League Baseball and Japanese league pitcher Geremi Gonzalez was hit by lightning and killed in his native Venezuela, an official said Monday.

    The 33-year-old pitcher, who played for five MLB teams, was struck by lightning on Sunday night in the western state of Zulia, said Herman Bracho, the regional emergency management chief.

    Gonzalez was riding a personal watercraft in Lake Maracaibo at the time, according to Antonio Olmos, a friend who witnessed his death.

    "It was raining and he got down off his watercraft to grab another one," Olmos told the Venezuelan newspaper Panorama. "At that moment, lightning struck him in the neck and broke a gold chain he was wearing."

    Gonzalez started in MLB for the Chicago Cubs in 1997 and later played with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers and New York Mets.

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    Unbelieveable... Wow... RIP, Geremi.
    WAR? Prove it!

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      Wow...that's horrible :dismay:
      Originally posted by bhss89
      "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
      Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
      Originally posted by ChineseDemocracy
      Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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        To Geremi Gonzalez- who helped the New York Mets avoid Lima Time. Temporarily.
        Originally posted by Cougar
        "Read at your own risk. Baseball Fever shall not be responsible if you become clinically insane trying to make sense of this post. People under 18 must read in the presence of a parent, guardian, licensed professional, or Dr. Phil."


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          That is horrible indeed. Rest in peace Geremi Gonzalez.


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            Geremi Gonzalez was a warrior as a player and in our winter league he was beloved because never gave up. One time he came as closer in the ninth inning and the game tied. He was pitching the next eight innings, until the 17th when the game was decided and won, something incredible.
            Curt Schilling wrote about Geremi something in his blog.

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              What a way to go!


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                Originally posted by Seattle1 View Post
                What a way to go!
                How sad.....I thought I was going to read that it happened during a game?? I don't remember him but he appears to have been a good pitcher.
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