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  • Who's got enough to still play?

    Some Familiar Faces Still Looking For Work

    Good article about players who might still have what it takes.
    Sammy Sosa
    Kenny Lofton
    Reggie Sanders
    Jeff Cirillo
    Royce Clayton
    Steve Finley
    Freddy Garcia
    David Wells
    Damian Miller
    None of these players
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    15 years ago a year like Sosa's would have guaranteed him at least some kind of contract in the following year. He batted .250 with more than 20 HR's after all. It's only the fixation on OBP that's keeping him out of work now, not that I truly disagree with that.

    Clayton would probably be a fine defensive infielder still as long as you were content to not get any offense whatsoever out of him.

    And I have little doubt that Lofton would at least be a decent 5th OF and pinch runner who could be brought in off the bench to be a defensive replacement in left.

    Wells, I think, could at least give a team something out of the 'pen with that breaking ball of his as well. And Freddy Garcia was probably a victim of the bandbox at CBP more than anything -- I have little reason to doubt he could still be the league-average innings burner he was for the Chisox in '06. As desperate as the Yankees are at the moment for quality SP's I'm shocked they haven't at least signed Garcia or Wells to a minor league deal.


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      Teams are always going to be desparate for pitching. The only logical explanation for Garcia would be that GMs are aware of a physical problem which hasn't been in the news.:dismay:
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        You'd think that Wells could at least find work somewhere as a lefty specialist or something. It's awful hard to get rid of a lefthander who still wants to pitch, and Wells still has his great command and that breaking ball.


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          --Some of these guys would still be usefull as role players, but none are up for everyday (or every 5th day for the pitchers) duty. Lofton is the guy I'm most surprised is not on a roster. He'd be a good 4th outfielder for alot of teams and would probably be an upgrade as a platoon guy for some (including my own Mariners).


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            Garcia definitely has some left. He's 33 and was effective in 2004-2006. I'm fairly sure he can contribute innings at, say, a 95 ERA+ level. Of course you're ignoring the 900 pound head in the room, Barry Bonds, who still has some left as well.
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