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  • Best baseball town

    Chicago, Boston, New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia or Los Angeles

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    Originally posted by Richard View Post
    Chicago, Boston, New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia or Los Angeles
    Welcome to BBF Richard.

    I'm not sure what you mean by Best Baseball town.

    Do you mean the city that has the most Baseball fans?

    If thats what you mean, I'd say all the cities you listed have an abundance of fans that support thier baseball teams.


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      The most fans, best attended stadium, most fanatical and where baseball is clearly the most popular game professionally in town.


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        St. Louis.
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          best attended is Fenway ( its the new Jacobs field trend in Bawston ), Busch, Yankee Std, Wrigley & Dodger Std....St Louis, NYC, Boston, LA & Chicago are probably the top Cities for B/Ball ( Philly is more of an Eagles town )
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            Hate to say it as a Sox fan, but the answer is clearly New York City.


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              St. Louis, a bunch of fans who understand the game.
              Unlike most other team sports, in which teams usually have an equivalent number of players on the field at any given time, in baseball the hitting team is at a numerical disadvantage, with a maximum of 5 players and 2 base coaches on the field at any time, compared to the fielding team's 9 players. For this reason, leaving the dugout to join a fight is generally considered acceptable in that it results in numerical equivalence on the field, and a fairer fight.


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                Detroit is a good baseball town, very knowledgable fans who love their teams history. Right now the Tigers are taking a back seat to a couple other teams who are doing very well, though. But Detroit is still a good baseball city.

                It's St. Louis, though.
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                  I gotta go with my hometown - St.Louis :applaud:

                  I've been to many other cities to watch my Cards play: K.C., Chicago (NL & AL) Hou, Atl, Fla, Milw, Pitts, Phila, S.F. Cinn, Det, while great fans in those cities, in my opinion the fans in St.Louis are more passionate and more knowledgable about the game. Having not seen games in Bost. and NY, this may not be a true reflection.


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                    As a New Yorker

                    Id say BOSTON, when I have gone to Boston , everyone is wearing Sox stuff, ratings for Sox games are astronomical. I think 70%- 80% of all TV's in New England watch Sox Playoff games.

                    In NY maybe 50% of NYers are NOT Baseball fans (Fans of other non-baseball activities) but EVERYONE in Boston is a Sox Fan, even the Harvard Professors are Die hard Sox Fans.

                    BTW this Fake Red Sox Commercial is hillarious if you've never saw it.

                    Oh Dennis Leary, When will you learn? GO SOX (i dont own anything from this video accept the broken base logo)CONGRATS WORLD CHAMPIONSGO SOX


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                      Of the cities, I've visited, I'd say that Boston and St. Louis are at the top of the list. New York is up there too.


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                        Los Angeles isn't the best MLB town, but it could be the best actual baseball town based on how many amateurs play year round here and how many professionals come from here.

                        There's a lot of great Dodger fans, but most of them don't hold a candle to the Cardinals, Red Sox, and New York fans.


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                          Originally posted by Richard View Post
                          The most fans, best attended stadium, most fanatical and where baseball is clearly the most popular game professionally in town.
                          Based on this I would say New York!

                          Most Fans: Check (Yankees AND Mets)
                          Best Attended Stadium: Check (millions alone at Yankee Stadium)
                          Most Fanatical: I would say tie with Boston
                          Most Popular Game In Town: Check. please NYC has 2 football teams, 2 hockey teams and the NBA yet it's always a sell out at Yankee Stadium

                          So hands down NYC! :applaud:
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                            The Cubs have drawn 1,205,431, in the first 30 home games games this season. That's an average of 40,177 per game, in a stadium with a seating capacity of 41,118. That's 97.7 %.

                            For a team that hasn't won a World Series since 1908 (100 years), or a pennant since 1945 (63 years).

                            I doubt if any other team can match that.

                            And this is not counting the apartment seating across from Wrigley.



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                              I don't think you can pick a single city as the "best" baseball town, but NY, Boston, and LA are probably the cities where the sport is most popular. Then of course, Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis are up there too.

                              Then there is the entire state of Florida on the opposite end of the spectrum...


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