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Current Era - Toughest on Pitchers?

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    Originally posted by bkmckenna
    when did the logo thing start?
    In 2000 they added the new big logo. Next time you're out playing catch or something, take a sharpie, and make a mark on the ball. Have the other person mix in some curves with the fastballs. You'll notice how early you pick up the rotation.

    "Then there's the issue of that big blue MLB logo. When I was a young player just getting into professional baseball, marking the ball with a quarter-size blue dot was a visual help in getting the right rotation for a curve or slider as opposed to a wobble. That new logo works the same way, but it also helps the batter pick up on what's being thrown - a fact confirmed by ump Reilly."
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      Originally posted by aarond23
      I agree the game has obviously had an offensive era. Just looking at the stats will tell you that. Expansion can be thrown in the list also. I've always found it interesting that Jamie Moyer is so successful with apparantley below average 'stuff'....if he was 18 he probably wouldn't get signed by any major league team. I think too many pitchers pay too much attention to the radar gun when location and changing speeds are the keys to being successful.

      Dead on. Taking advantage of the free-swinging aggressiveness this era encourages, is the way to be successful. Not rearing back to blow it by guys. When people talk about the pitching being watered down, that's probaby what they're referring to. That there's far too many "throwers" rather than actual "pitchers" in the league today.


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