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the NL central is the division to beat

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  • the NL central is the division to beat

    Im not kidding when I say that the NL central is gonna be the toughest in baseball this year.

    1.Cardinals-They will be a little more tested to win the division this year but they will and are the best team in the NL. projected record 95-67( METS ARE OVERRATED)

    2.Cubs-They have improved with the new outfield and a new leadoff hitter promising rookies, pray for the pitching to stay fairly healthy and they will be the WC. Projected record 92-70

    3.Astros-They made no marquee trades or signings at all and pretty mutch lost clemens. They are all another year older witch is good(Burke Taveras Lane) and bad ( biggio bagwell ausmus). Look for the pitching to get a little worse but the dropoff wont be that great.They are gonna give the cubs a run for the money as the WC. Projected record 89-73

    Brewers-They made great strides last year at becoming competitive. The pitchers capuano and sheets lead a good rotation. Weeks has a breakout year, prince fielder will do fine, and carlos lee will have another great season. They may be the factor of who gets into the WC and maybe they might get in themselves although its a long shot. Projected record 85-77

    pirates-They also have good pitching witch will win them quite a few games. Jason bay leads and OK offense that is starting to improve. They will also make an improvment. Projected record 81-81

    reds-They are probally the worst team in the division. The offense will only improve but the pitching is horrible. Saying that it probally cant get any worse than it was so it will see improvment. Projected record 75-87

    I believe thats how it will unfold although its unclear to me about the pirates and reds will actually do. I think that the team that represnts the NL in the WS will be from this division aswell as the MVP AN CY YOUNG.

    But......this divison could utterly become the worst if untimely injuries(Cubs) as well as players not performing to thier potetial(Pirates). The luck some teams normaly rely on(cardinal gambles) and the affects of old age(astros). Anything could happen....Its very hard to predict but whats is predictable is that it is going to be fun to watch unfold.
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    I think the Cy Young will be Jake Peavy from the west


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      I hope that's how it happens. (except with the Cubs beating the Cardinals, but as long as the Cubs make the playoffs I don't care.) Now that you've made your point, who do you root for?


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        I think the NL Central could very well be the most competitive division, but I think the Braves and Mets have to be thrown into the NL mix of teams to beat, and then when you open up the field to all of baseball, the AL has a number of teams that could stand in the way of NL Central supremacy.


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          Besides the Mets, who is sort of a "I have to see it to believe it" scenario in terms of converting talent to a playoff spot, the top 3 teams in the National League in terms of talent come from the NL Central.

          It doesn't bode to well for my Buccos, although I expect Oliver Perez to be outstanding once again (keep in mind he is only 24) and Zach Duke to be very good (there is no reason to doubt his rookie success- he was absolutely phenomenal at every stage in his minor league career.) I always like to look at the positives- like the best defensive middle infield in the big leagues, the best overall outfielder in the National League (this is a very bold statement, I know, but given his BA, OBP, SLG, fielding, and poor protection, I can make a case- at any rate, Jason Bay is at least top 3), a manager not named McClendon, a centerfielder who hit .340 his rookie season, great team chemistry (Casey is nothing if not a great guy). Hey, it might not even add up to a .500 record, but it will at least give me a reason to be proud.



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            Originally posted by otis89
            I hope that's how it happens. (except with the Cubs beating the Cardinals, but as long as the Cubs make the playoffs I don't care.) Now that you've made your point, who do you root for?
            Well im not gonna bet against the cards but the cubs and astros will make it intresting.

            And I agree with double X on the AL they definetly are the more dominating league at the time(2 cons WS sweeps!!!)
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              hey my prediction is holding true to some extent...

              reds are better than predicted
              pirates worse

              the cubs probally hurt thier chances loosing D LEE
              The stros offense is suprising and will probally win the WC

              and the cardinals are still the best with king pujols leading the charge!!!

              division record
              72-56 (if my math is correct!)
              Our future.....Colby Rasmus.....Im his biggest fan!!!


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                Cubs win WC. Pirates w/ 81 wins.

                Cardinals and Astros are the only serious competitors in this division. Cubs are still plagued with injuries and Brewers are wayyy to streaky. Reds will come down to earth eventually.

                The AL Central is the division we should be looking at...Indians, White Sox, Tigers, and Twins could all finish with winning records.
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