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  • WBC tiebreakers

    This is hilarious, but true--Monty Python couldn't have writen it better (from Yahoo!.com):

    USA advances with a win or tie or 1-0 loss.

    But here's what else we know:

    # If USA scores, MEX is eliminated.
    # MEX can only advance with a 3-0 or 4-0 win in 13 or 14 innings.
    # If MEX scores more than two runs (before the 13th), JPN will advance unless USA wins.
    # If MEX scores more than three runs, JPN advances unless USA wins (or MEX wins 4-0 – see above).
    # If MEX scores exactly two runs – and makes fewer than two out in bottom of ninth – JPN advances unless USA wins.
    # If MEX scores exactly two runs – including the winning run with two out in the bottom of the ninth – USA and JPN are tied with 5 runs allowed in 17 2/3 innings. One of JPN's runs is unearned (ERA is the next tiebreaker).

    • If both MEX runs are earned, JPN advances.
    • If both MEX runs are unearned, USA advances.
    • If one MEX run is earned, then JPN and USA must break tie with batting average in games between teams. JPN is 20 for 65 (.305). USA was 12 for 36 (.333) vs. JPN.

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    Oh my goodness. Can anyone else hear John Cleese rattling that off in their head?

    Thanks, shoeless.
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      Mexico is eliminated now, the US scored a run eliminating them from contention.
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