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Was That It For Clemens?

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  • Was That It For Clemens?

    Was last night the last time we'll see Clemens pitch in a competitive environment? Here's a quote from Clemens taken from the article covering last night's game:

    "For me, right now, it's goodbye," he said in a brief statement issued through Team USA. "I felt great tonight and my body responded well. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to participate in this event. It made all the work I did in the last six weeks worthwhile."
    What should we make of that? An intention to retire, or just a statement that he's going to go home for now and we'll see what happens down the road?
    Retire For Good
    Come Back After May 1st With The Astros
    Come Back At Some Point This Season With Another Team
    He'll Come Back In 2007

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    Frankly, I have no idea what he will do.
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      I think he'll be back with the Astros after May 1. He's got a nice situation down there what with being near his home and him not having to always do the traveling, and I don't think other teams dollars will outweigh that in his mind.

      If the US had won the whole shebang in the WBC, he might have retired, but I think he'll want one more shot at the world class competion MLB will provide.
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        The guy can still pitch and he's a competitor, so I think he'll come back.


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          I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's finished.
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            I say to return to baseball after May 1st. I can think of one EVIL TEAM whose rotation would be duly appreciative of his efforts. Of course, that "not travelling with the team on the road when he's not pitching" thing may be a different story.
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              Curtain Call

              I think the Rocket might play another day. The Astros would be lucky to have him. NYA also. Whatever he decides, it will be the right decision. It's not over yet.


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