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  • Rookies

    Who are the projected rookies this year on ML Rosters? Which of these rookies are projected to see substantial playing time? And which seem to have the most staying power?
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    "While he had a total of forty home runs in his first two big-league seasons, it is unlikely that Aaron will break any records in this department." ~ Furman Bisher, Atlanta Journal and Constitution "journalist"

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    Ryan Zimmerman, who will start at 3B for the Nationals, is certainly notable.
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      Basicly the whole marlins roster
      go sox.



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        Felix Hernandez for the Mariners. At least I think he's still technically a rookie.


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          To elaborate on "The whole marlins roster" I would say the one with the biggest impact would be Jeremy Hermida. They are pretty high on the kid. Another "Can't Miss" prospect.
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            Originally posted by otis89
            Felix Hernandez for the Mariners. At least I think he's still technically a rookie.
            Hernandez isn't a prospect. Brian Anderson is the starting center fielder for the Sox and Ian Kinsler is the starting 2nd baseman for Texas.


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              Some of my favs-

              Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers: Cecil's kid, what more to say?
              Josh Barfield, 2b, Padres: Another 2nd generation star in the making.
              Francisco Liriano, SP, Twins: 2nd coming of Johan?
              Matt Cain, SP, Giants: stud material for years to come.
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