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Rules and Regulations on foul balls

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  • Rules and Regulations on foul balls

    I was watching, I think, Cuba and Panama in the World Baseball Classic. It was tied in the end of the game and a batter was hit by a pitch on his pinky finger. It was ruled a dead ball and the batter trotted off to first base. My question is this: When I was growing up playing early on, high school, and college, my friends and I were understanding that any pitched ball that hits a batter in the hands was considered a foul ball. The hands were considered a part of the bat. Can anyone fill me in on the correct ruling on this topic?

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    Another rule book myth. The hands are not part of the bat.

    Now, a ball may be ruled to have hit the bat simultaniously as it hit the hand or finger and could be ruled a foul ball. Another scenario would be the batter offered at the ball (swung at the pitch) and it would be a dead ball strike (and out on a third strike). If a ball does run up inside on a batter and does strike his hands or fingers, it should be ruled a HBP (hit batsman or hit by pitch) and the batter awarded first and all runners return unless forced to advance by the batter being awarded first.


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      I remember Mookie Wilson getting hit on the knuckles in a game, and it was a dead ball, batter take the base ruling. Out of all the places to get hit, I gotta imagine getting plunked on your fingers while they are on the bat has to be one of the most painful.
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