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Is Roger's career over now?

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  • Is Roger's career over now?

    Roger Clemens was in remarkably good shape for the Baseball Classic series, but now those are over. He did a lot a work over the off-season, but Roger will most likely not play MLB at least in the early part of this season...

    But some people expect him to get bored by mid-season, and sign with some team in July or August. This late start might actually help him, because he would still have strength and energy for the post-season.

    Do you expect Roger to pitch again this year, or his great career finally over?

    If he does pitch again this year, which team will he play for?
    * Houston again -- (They are the only team willing to let him stay home for some road games.)

    * New York Yankees -- Best chance for him to pitch in another World Series

    * Boston Red Sox -- They were angry when he left, but they will probably forgive that if he returns to help in post-season

    * Texas Rangers -- He will not sign with Houston, but he will stay in Texas.

    * Or someone else?
    Houston again -- so he can skip some road games
    Yankees -- Best chance for another WS
    Red Sox -- they will forgive and take him back
    Texas Ranger -- to stay close to home
    Other (please explain)

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    I think he will retire, therefore I voted "other." If you he does pitch again, I hope it is in the A.L.
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      I think he will retire.

      If he doesn't, he will sign with Houston after May 1 to stay at home and be rested and ready for post season.
      1968 and 1984, the greatest ever.


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        I hope Roger isnt done. Last year he proved he had a great season with a lot of stuff left in him. Lets just hope he doesnt hang on too long like Brett Favre or Willie Mays did.
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          Originally posted by Tigerfan1974
          I think he will retire.
          I hope he retires, since he'll be 44 and has nowhere to go but down from here. His career is a true masterpiece. It would be nice to see someone go out on top for a change instead of embarassing themselves by living in the past and hanging around long after they should.


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            I didn't vote. Of all possibilties the least probable will be New York IMO.

            I think he will resign with Houston for the given reason. If he doesn't sign with Houston, I think he wil sign with Texas.

            But it wouldn't surprise me at all (eventhough I don't expect it) if he would end up in Boston. Just to finish his career there, to get his number retired.


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              Originally posted by STLCards2
              I think he will retire, therefore I voted "other." If you he does pitch again, I hope it is in the A.L.
              I forgot to put the obvious option of RETIREMENT on the ballot. My mistake!

              I expected Roger to retire before last season, but he never ceases to amaze!

              Certain first-ballot Hall of Famer -- unless he does something "bad" before he gets voted in (like Pete did). Clemens is still my pick for the first unanimous vote into the HOF.
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                I believe he will sign with houston on May 1st. But it is also a very big possibilty of him retiring. It would be cool for Clemens to come back to boston and become the all time red sox wins leader by passing Cy Young. except what is most likley to happen though is he will sign with Houston or retire.
                go sox.



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