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  • Go Bravos!!!#1
    I never thought that joke would ever really come into play

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  • BristolBoy
    'What are you askin' me for, I'm askin' you! All I wanna know is what's the guy's name on first base?'

    'What's on second base.'

    'I don't know!'

    'He's on third!'

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  • VTSoxFan
    started a topic Hu's on First

    Hu's on First

    Here's a funny bit I found in the Boston Globe today -- I thought everyone could use a chuckle:

    Abbott and Costello revisited
    And a true ''Who's on first" story, as related by Tony Jackson of the Los Angeles Daily News.

    Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo's best friend in the organization is minor league infielder and fellow Taiwan native Chin-Lung Hu, who was walking across the clubhouse when veteran center fielder Kenny Lofton spotted him.

    ''Hey Kuo, who's that guy you been hanging out with?" Lofton said.

    ''Hu," Kuo said.

    ''The guy you been hanging out with," Lofton said.

    ''Hu," Kuo repeated.

    ''That guy I saw you with yesterday," Lofton said.

    ''Hu," Kuo said yet again.

    Finally, laughing Dodgers prospect Matt Kemp explained it to Lofton.

    ''No, no, it's like this," Kemp said, waving his arms to emphasize his point. ''Hong-Chih Kuo hangs out with Chin-Lung Hu."

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