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  • Virgil Trucks

    Hi To All.
    Any of you who may know of Virgil "Fire" Trucks he is in the hospital. He had a brain anurisum removed today and is doing well. He has had a rough year this year just getting over heart surgery back in June. I love talking in here about my dad and getting threads started so if its all possible and you dont mind keep my dad in your prayers (if this doesnt offend me saying it) he is a really great person, not just because hes my dad, but because he always remembers his fans and loves the game of baseball and he wanted nothing more than to belong to Cooperstown before he leaves here. I have made a few friends in here and hope to make a lot more so take care and thanks for listening to a fellow member. Dad hit 87 April 26th this year and I hope he can make a few more! Thanks again and take care all.

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    We all hope he does well and will be fine.
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      Virgil Trucks

      Thanks! Im going up this morning and I probably wont have much to report until Sat or Sun, thats when I am hoping he will be moved to a regular room. As soon as I know something I will be back and let everyone know. Hes a fighter im telling ya but I hate to see this happening to him. Thanks for the concern and thoughts! I promise to report back ASAP! Wendy


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        Tell your Dad that for those of us here who were "children of the 40s and 50s," he is an important part of our baseball history.

        We remember him well -- particularly his two no-hitters in '52.

        Give him our best and tell him we're pulling for him.


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          sorry i posted twice
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            I remember your Dad as one helluva pitcher, i hope he makes a speedy recovery.


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              Virgil Trucks

              Hi All,
              I have just a minute before im going to fall into bed and hope for some well needed sleep, I think I remember what that is lol. Dad was awake for a few mins today and said he wasnt in any pain, they have him pretty well sedated, just so he doesnt move the tube around too much, and I think they will be taking it out tomorrow. He seems to be doing well and is resting. This is gonna be a day by day thing so its just gonig to take lots of praying and his strong nature thats going to get him through this. If anyone wants to send cards or letters, I would be glad to take them to him, just email me privately and I will give you an address to send them to. I want to say thank you for all of your support and prayers through all of this, it really means a lot, not just to me but to my dad and to our family as well. Its nice to know that so many of you still remember my dad and think so much of him. I will keep all of you posted on his progress and hopefully he will be able to go home soon. Once again thank you and I will let you guys know something soon. Always,


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                Best of luck to your dad, one of the great pitchers in the history of the game. He's still well remembered and well loved throughout the baseball community, and our hearts go out to you and to him.
                "Simply put, the passion, interest and tradition surrounding baseball in New York is unmatched."

                Sean McAdam,


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                  Best wishes you your father and keep us posted. He was one of my dad's favorites as he was growing up a clubhouse kid at Tiger Stadium.
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                    Please let your Dad know that HE is in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

                    I remember him as one of the AL top pitchers.

                    Keep US posted.



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                      Virgil Trucks

                      Hi Everyone!!
                      I have such great news!!! Today has been a pretty good day, Dad has been up, WALKING!! He has to use a walker but considering its only been 48 hours since the surgery he is really doing well. He has also been feeding himself and sitting up for small periods of time. The only small problem is that they think he may have had a mini stroke that affected his right side, but he is going through physical therapy and it really is looking good. He will possibly be moved to a regular room tomorrow. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers because I know that is what has helped him get through all this. You are all so incrediably kind! As each day progresses and I know more I will definitely let you all know how he is doing. And thank you again. Sincerely,
                      Wendy Trucks


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                        VIRGIL TRUCKS

                        Late in the 1937 baseball season, word of a fireballing young sensation in the Alabama Florida League reached the ears of Detroit Tigers' scout, Eddie Goosetree. When the 1938 season began, Goosetree made the trek to Andalusia Alabama to evaluate the young pitching sensation, Virgil Trucks. Trucks had started his baseball career in Birmingham in 1935 playing for the semi-pro team ACI as a utility outfielder. In 1936, Trucks played outfield for the Hightower Box Company team in the Birmingham City League. In 1937, Trucks' throwing ability landed him a pitching job with Shawmut in the Valley League of north-central Alabama. Andalusia got hold of Virgil late in 1937 and used him late in the season and in the playoffs. In 1938, the 19 year old with amazing stuff blossomed. He pitched the opener on April 21st, and struck out 20 Evergreen batters. Goosetree signed Virgil on the spot, saying that only Bob Feller was faster. Virgil would continue to play in Andalusia for the season, with Goosetree monitoring his progress with the help of manager, Yam Yaryan. Trucks' 20-strikeout start was just the tip of the iceberg. On May 30th, Virgil mowed down 22 Panama City Pelicans, marking the fifth time in the young season that he struck out more than 16 batters in a game. By June 14th, Trucks had struck out 170 batters in 106 innings, giving up only 50 hits, and a paltry 17 earned runs. He had won 10 games while losing 2, and easily could have been 12-0. The Andalusia management realised what a gate draw they had with Trucks and they began to pitch him only at home. There was no use in letting some other town get reap the rewards of a Trucks outing! As the season progressed, Trucks continued to dominate the opponents. By August 16th, with a week left in the season, Virgil had 398 strikeouts, 13 short of the all-time record set by Hoss Radbourne 54 years earlier (when the mound-to-plate distance was 50 feet). Trucks had two starts left with which to get the 13 K's, but only needed one. On August 20th, he struck out 15 Troy Trojans to break the record. Virgil had one more start in which he added 7 more K's giving him a grand total of 420 strikeouts in 263 innings. Trucks was obviously too good for the AFL, and in 1939 he moved up to Beaumont in the Texas League, eventually making a name for himself with the Detroit Tigers. Virgil was sold for $2000 dollars. although records state that the amount was $10,000, Andalusia baseball expert Marvin Walker says the amount was actually $2000, which paid for the lighting system in Andalusia's stadium.
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                          thanx for the enlightenment. much appreciated, jackie42.

                          the bad news of the initial post has turned to good, just in time to celebrate the season's conclusions. yf '58, god bless.
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                            Virgil Trucks

                            Good Afternoon!
                            Just a quick update on dad. Sunday dad tried to leave the hospital, without the doctors permission of course! He took a little spill but is ok. He just wants to go home and I dont blame him hes tired of being in the bed! So I take that as a good sign. I havent been back up there since then because i have acquired a 24 hour bug (I dont know where I acquired it from but it needs to go away!!!) so im not getting near him til its gone, dont want to make him sick on top of everything else! So I am hoping he will be going to rehab maybe by Saturday, I wont know until thursday so I will let you all know how hes doing then! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! Take Care ........Wendy


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                              Good Luck Wendy and Virgil

                              Wendy and Virgil Good Luck to You,and here is hoping for a complete recovery.Wendy,take care of your dad,and the fans here at BBF will take care of his legacy...All The best....JohnnysGhost.


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