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The most underrated move of the offseason: Jim Colborn

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  • The most underrated move of the offseason: Jim Colborn

    Jim Tracy and Jim Colborn will lead the Pirates out of the cellar this year... especially because the "Colborn effect" on three of the best young guns in the NL Central: Perez, Duke, and Maholm.

    It's the Pirates offense that worries me.
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    Those three might help, but not definitely.

    I'm not actually worried about them, I don't think they'll be that good.
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      Colborn has a history of taking guys off the scrap heap and turning them into decent pitchers (i.e. Lima, Weaver, Nomo). The trouble is that they all run out of gas and it's painful to see them being lit up out there. Colborn's approach is a temporary one, and if you're counting on Tracy to win ballgames, expect a long season in Pittsburgh.
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