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The Return of the Season

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  • The Return of the Season

    Spring manifests in different ways for all of us. Here in northern New England, it's not green yet; it's not even really warm yet, though we have had a few mild days to tempt us into believing that the winter has gone. Besides the return of birds and flowers, another thing has returned to tell us that winter has gone.

    Baseball has come back.

    We so ardently anticipate this day, the day when it all comes to life, and becomes real again. We've talked ourselves blue in the face all winter about the dry stuff -- trades and deals and retirings and so on, and now...

    The first pitch is thrown, the first swing of the bat, the first sweet, sweet CRACK! The cheers, the groans, and "Whaddaya mean, that was a ball?!" The vendor's cries, and smell of hot dogs and roasted peanuts and buttered popcorn, the little kids making thier first trip ever to a ballpark... the first dazzling double play, the first clumsy error... we take it all in with amazing thirst for every moment of it, as if it's the first water we see after a long trek across a desert.

    Whatever comes next in this long season, whether it be glory or dismal frustration, this moment, these next few days are the the first few days of falling in love. Because that's what it is. It's the Love of the Game.

    Happy Opening Day, everyone.
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    There's obviously a certain beauty about baseball that all comes into focus when the game actually begins again. Ones that count, ones where we see who the guys who've made it from the spring tryouts are actually there, and what they'll do now.

    Each game is very important, and wins in the 1st week of April will count just as much as wins in the last week of September. Let the beauty and love for the game return!

    Thanks once again, Annie.
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