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  • Expanded playoffs

    Expand the playoffs to include another 1 or 2 teams per league and reducing the schedule to 154 games during the regular season.

    Good idea?

    I'll reserve my vote for now.
    I'm not sure
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    So it can be like hockey, where a team can half-ass it all season and still make the playoffs?
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      Originally posted by runningshoes53
      So it can be like hockey, where a team can half-ass it all season and still make the playoffs?
      In the NBA too. But it seems the cream usually rises to the top in the NBA, despite its big playoff pool. I'm not sure I'd like it in baseball. I like it the way it is, although I wouldn't at all mind a smaller 154 game schedule to tighten things up a bit.


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        I'm in favor of 154 games, getting rid of at least 2 crap teams to promote deeper talent (the pitching right now blows), getting rid of the DH, changing the save rule, outlawing body armor...what was the question you asked again? :atthepc


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          What's next- first round byes? wild card rounds?

          They are already pushing the envelope with the divisional series, they don't need another round of playoffs.
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            I like it the way it is I` also campaigning for the 234 game schedule though
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              I don't believe with the amount of teams we have right now that it makes sense to have less than 8 teams in the playoffs. However, I don't believe we should have half the league in the playoffs. 8 seems just right to me, less than 1/3, more than 1/4.
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                Originally posted by Rickey_Henderson
                I like it the way it is I` also campaigning for the 234 game schedule though
                Is that 8 or 9 months? The longer baseball around, the happier I am.
                Unlike most other team sports, in which teams usually have an equivalent number of players on the field at any given time, in baseball the hitting team is at a numerical disadvantage, with a maximum of 5 players and 2 base coaches on the field at any time, compared to the fielding team's 9 players. For this reason, leaving the dugout to join a fight is generally considered acceptable in that it results in numerical equivalence on the field, and a fairer fight.


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                  Shortening the season would be nice, but I can't see the woners agreeing to that since they will be the ones bearing the burden of that.
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                    I think too many teams make to the post-season right now. I'm sure the playoffs will eventually be expanded but I will never be in favor of it.


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                      Originally posted by Elvis9045
                      In the NBA too. But it seems the cream usually rises to the top in the NBA, despite its big playoff pool.
                      If thats the case (the cream rising to the top), why bother having so many teams in the playoffs.

                      Out of the four major sports, baseball has the only playoff format that I am somewhat happy with (I don't actually like hoops or hockey, so anything they do isn't likely to please me). Sure, we have the wildcard, but its one team per league, we aren't EVER going to have two divisions per league again and the winners meet in the LCS (which is the ultimate plyoff structure, in my opinion), so what we have is the best possible alternative.
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                        I wouldn't really mind the Costas design.

                        Two WC teams. They play a one game playoff and then the winner of that game plays the team with the best overall record in the "real" first round.

                        The problem now is that there is a decreased importance on winning the division. Last season, the final weekend series between the Yanks and Sox had all the makings of a big, memorable series, instead they were benching their stars because they both had playoff spots sewn up. Think about it, with the WC there would be no Bucky Dent HR...

                        So you have to recapture the importance of the division title. We hear a lot about the expanded playoff race for the WC, but that comes at the expense of divsion races.

                        This one game playoff makes winning the division really important, yet preserves the suspense of the expanded playoff race across divisions.

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                          How about we take part of the NFL format and have 1 game series' the whole playoffs. Make them fight to earn their way into the World Series.
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                            Surprised and glad to see the number of those opting for a shorter season 154 games. Between the longer season and the playoff games added to that, the season is too long. Playing into the end of October and if I recall a game or a few that were played in the beginning of November is a joke. Even late in October at times too cold especially when played in the East, not the time of the year to play baseball.

                            One that would help would be to play a small number of double headers, that would end the season at an earlier date. I know, I'm dreaming we will never see the return of double header that was the norm years ago, almost every Sunday. Of course I would not expect it to be a weekly event but there is no hope of even getting close to that. The players will not go for that, the owners won't, two games for the price of one, good luck. Also games today are so much longer in time than years ago, you would be at the park all day.

                            In the end, to sum it up please don't add to what we already have.


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                              I voted no because the teasm that don't make the playoffs would also have a shorter season--I suspect the result would be contraction. I personally would not wnat to be a baseball city that could lose it's team. I do not want to be in a city that perenially has fewer games than the current set up. I like baseball too much to see that.
                              Just for the record, I'm from massachusetts, so I'm not speaking of my team not having the games to play.


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