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Would the league ever expand this way?

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  • Would the league ever expand this way?

    How about this instead of a normal expansion where location is bound into the initial form, expand 2 teams of Grays, and give each the normal road team gate get and a fair share of national media revenue. Let them scrape together a normal expansion roster and pick up whatever other talent they could and spend a year as a travelling grays team letting locales compete to bring them to their city.

    The teams themselves would suck and be poor of course, but the sheer competition from every city that doesn't currently have a big league team and has delusions of deserving one would be impressive. And to be a bit crass, I can think of no better way to shake locations down for stadium money than give them a chance -- but only a chance -- to have a team in their community if they come up with the most attractive rates. Capitalism at its finest, and probably a better crack at a really good start for the team in its new town than other ways to do the same job -- since the town won something to get them in there in the first place, they'd protect their investment better.

    At least that's how it goes in my somewhat fevered imagination. What do you guys think?

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    I don't think they'd do it that way but it's an interesting idea.


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