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Carlos Guillen calls it quits

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  • Carlos Guillen calls it quits

    Three-time All-Star Carlos Guillen, who hit .285 with 124 home runs in his career, has decided to retire. He was one heck of a force from 2004 to 2007, hitting .313 with 65 home runs and 307 RBI in that span. From 2004 to 2006, he hit .320. He was also an excellent playoff performer overall, hitting .344 with 21 hits in 19 postseason games.

    PEORIA, Ariz. — Infielder Carlos Guillen, a three-time All-Star who played 14 major league seasons, announced his retirement Tuesday.

    “It’s a tough decision for me, for my family, for everybody because I tried to come back,” said Guillen, who was at the Seattle Mariners’ spring training camp as a non-roster invitee.
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    He'll be fondly remembered in Detroit. He was a big (and quiet) part of their going from a 100-loss team to a division contender.
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      I remember the day when Seattle just gifted him to the Tigers.
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        Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
        He'll be fondly remembered in Detroit. He was a big (and quiet) part of their going from a 100-loss team to a division contender.

        Considering that BF doesn't have a like button for posts, this will have to do! I'll miss the guy!

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          Always enjoyed him as a Mariner. I'll remember him for this:

          Was nice to see him come into his own in Detroit as well.
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            I was very sad to see him leave Seattle and was even sadder over the next few years as he blossomed into the player he became...

            Love that he tried to come back one last time here in Seattle, it was a nice gesture, most of those from the 2001 Mariner's are gone now, who is left in the league? Ichiro, Freddy and we shall see if Moyer comes back, that's just about it...


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              Guillen was a heck of a player, but he was the perfect teammate. He never complained, just showed up and worked hard. He switched from SS, to 1B, to 3B, to LF, to DH, and then to 2B and never complained and made headlines. He would just show up and take the field. Where as Inge now makes a big deal about trying to play a new position. Guillen did that 5 times and never said a word, even though he was an all star.

              He'd do anything for any of his teammates, whether it was a random rookie or a 15 year veteran. That's why he was at the start of so many altercations, last year agaisnt the Angels sticking up for Magglio, and that great fight with KC in '05. I just loved everything about him and he was great to watch. Defenitely their best player from 2004-2006. He had a lot of flair too, was just so smooth on the field. One of my favorites.

              Too bad he couldn't stay healthy. He was just getting into another level of his prime with .300/21/100 in 2007 but could never stay healthy past that point.


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