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US Dept. of the Interior Library: Ranger Speaker Series: Baseball and the Presidency

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  • Captain Cold Nose
    My local library system had some programs regarding opening day baseball. While they may not be like what the Department of Interior is doing (they have a ranger speaking about the Doolittle raid. We have the surviving members of the raid speaking here, having a banquet, etc.) there are always soemthing of this nature going on. I wonder if the roving Smithsonian exhibit about Roberto Clemente is still going on?

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  • US Dept. of the Interior Library: Ranger Speaker Series: Baseball and the Presidency

    Baseball and the Presidency
    Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

    U.S. Presidents have always had a strong connection with America’s national pastime, baseball. From the very beginnings of our nation, our presidents have shown a great interest in, and have promoted the game of baseball and its early predecessors, such as rounders and town ball. Baseball has a long history intertwined with that of America. It's fitting, then, that baseball and the presidency also share a large number of interesting connections.

    Please join National Park Service Volunteer Tom Reese as he traces the relationship between America's highest office and the American pastime, from President Washington to President Obama. Topics include presidents throwing out first pitches at Opening Day games, a former radio play-by-play voice in the Oval Office, and the "Green Light Letter" from President Franklin Roosevelt to Baseball Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis granting baseball permission to proceed during World War II and expressing the value of baseball in time of war.

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