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AJ Burnett gives up 12 earned runs in 2.2 innings!

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  • AJ Burnett gives up 12 earned runs in 2.2 innings!

    I've never seen anything like this, I wonder what the modern record is...
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    Remember Vin Mazzaro from just last year?


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      Nobody remembers Vin Mazzaro from any year.
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        Last year Madison Bumgarner gave up 8 ER in 1/3 of an inning
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          Saturday will be the 74th anniversary of Hal Kelleher giving up 12 runs in the 8th:


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            Wow! Good riddance....


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              Looks like the Pirates are getting exactly the kind of "veteran experience" we Yankee fans were expecting from him.

              Thanks again for the trade!
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                Lots of fat pitches. Burnett admitted he left everything up. Of course he seemed rattled after not getting the call on a great 2-2 pitch at the knees in the 2nd inning (granted the Cards had 6 by that point) that got Barajas and Hurdle ejected. The Bucs were looking to get some innings out of AJ after the pen was used so much Tuesday. I think it's safe to say Burnett will pitch better in his next start.
                LETS GO BUCS!!


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