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Blame the Supermoon... or not

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  • Blame the Supermoon... or not

    OK, I'm going to blame that so-called Supermoon, the full moon that is closer to Earth than usual, for the strange goings-on in Beantown. How else can you explain it?

    One position player, Chris Davis, goes 0-for-7 as a DH (with 5 Ks), gets called on to pitch (and goes 0-for-1 at the plate as a pitcher, 0-for-8 overall), throws two scoreless innings, striking out two (including Adrian Gonzalez, who also went 0-for-8) and gets the win. This wouldn't seem so weird if the losing pitcher weren't the other team's DH, Darnell McDonald, who gave up a 3-run bomb to Adam Jones in the 17th.

    My favourite line of the night was the O's announcer, who, upon hearing that Davis last pitched in high school, quipped "I guess he's rested". :-)

    Then again, maybe it wasn't the moon... it's just been that sort of year so far in Boston.
    "I can see how he won twenty-five games. What I don't understand is how he lost five." - Yogi Berra on Sandy Koufax's 1963 season.

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