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LDS moves to 2-3 format

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  • LDS moves to 2-3 format

    Baseball's owners have approved changing the format of this year's division series from a 2-2-1 format to a 2-3 format, giving the team with home-field advantage the last three games of the five-game series.

    Let me get this straight. Business-wise, the team that has no home field advantage gets rewarded for gate revenue because there are two guaranteed home games for them, while the team with the home field advantage only has one guaranteed home game (a sweep loss or a win).
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    This happened to the 1997 S.F. Giants. They win the NL West and play the wild card Marlins. The first two games are in Miami. The Marlins win those first two games by scoring both winning runs in the bottom of the 9th inning. The Marlins go on to sweep the Giants in three games.
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      This will only be for one year to accomodate the extra wild card playoff game. Next year they'll have more time to adjust and they plan to revert back to the 2-2-1 format. The season will start on April 1 next year, which is a Monday instead of that stupid mid-week idea they've gone with this year and last, and they'll be able to schedule the playoffs accordingly.
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        More reason they should have held off on the extra wild card spot until next season.


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          Originally posted by Yankeefan3783 View Post
          More reason they should have held off on the extra wild card spot until next season.
          Or even better, not have added it at all!
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