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Is Joese Molina underrated?

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  • Is Joese Molina underrated?

    I understand he isn't as good as the other Molinas and his Batting is crap and even blocking pitches are kinda crap! But he has this unbelievable ability to frame pitches in this amazing way. What do you all think?
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    All Tampa Bay Rays players are underrated. Happy now?
    Using a stolen chant from Boston Celtics fans whenever an L.A. team is playing up there just reeks of inferiority complex.

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      I think most people recognize Molina as a very good defensive backup catcher.
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        He's not even the 2nd best catcher in his own immediate family.
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          Originally posted by GiambiJuice View Post
          He's not even the 2nd best catcher in his own immediate family.
          Vince Dimaggio was a bum compared to his two MLB brothers, but he still had a pretty nice 10-year career. It's all relative, if you'll pardon the pun.
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