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Could Pierzynski Play Long Enough to reach the 2,000 Games caught Club?

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  • Could Pierzynski Play Long Enough to reach the 2,000 Games caught Club?

    A.J.Pierzynski is currently the leader among active players in Career Games at Catcher. I'm wondering what his chances are of one day joining an elite group of five catchers who have caught 2,000 or more MLB games. He entered this season with 1433 games at catcher and he could reach 2,000 games at catcher by 2016, when he would be 39 years old, if he averages 114 games at catcher per year over the period of 2012-2016. With 42 games to his credit to this point in the 2012 season, his current career total stands at 1475 games at Catcher. He's had two .300 seasons and is a .285 career hitter. He maybe on pace to hit around 200 home runs by the time he's finished. Pierzynski is also off to a good start this year and is currently hiting above .310. So his bat may be a factor that will keep him in the lineup for the White Sox or whatever teams he plays for in the future, that will help his chances of reaching the milestone. He has averaged 133 games caught per year over the last 10 complete seasons (2002-2011).
    The five members of the 2,000 games caught club are record holder, Ivan Rodriguez, with over 2427 games caught, former record holders Carlton Fisk and Bob Boone, plus Gary Carter and Jason Kendall. There are a few "near-misses" for players with above 1,900 games caught, but less than 2,000. Tony Pena ranks sixth with 1950 games caught. Others in this group include Jim Sundberg, Benito Santiago ,Brad Ausmus, and Al Lopez. Lopez' 1918 games caught, compiled beween 1928 and 1947 stood as the record for four decades. He was passed by Bob Boone in 1987 and Boone became the first 2,000 games catcher in 1988.
    I'm Just wondering what posters think about Pierzynski's durability and his chance to reach 2,000 games caught someday.
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    If he would stop with this BS Bush leuge plays..... Sorry the dirty slide last night from him has made me lose all respect for him. He probably will be around long enough but who knows the way things go in this day and age
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      If Kendall made it, I'd say AJ has a reasonable shot.
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        Whatever happened to Micheal Barret?


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          Originally posted by Dude Paskert View Post
          If Kendall made it, I'd say AJ has a reasonable shot.
          Kendall was going along at a pace catching 135-140 games per year and likely would have finished 2nd all-time in games caught, passing everybody except "Pudge" Rodriguez. Then along came a crippling injury and he never played another game, retiring at 5th place.
          Pierzynski is going along at a similar pace to Kendall (133 games at catcher for the last 10 years). He might each 2,000 games caught, but then again he could suffer the same fate as Kendall.


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