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Mike Trout is a pretty speedy guy!

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  • Mike Trout is a pretty speedy guy!

    I mean, I knew he could steal some bases, but damn. I just got to catch the end of the Angels game in which he already had 3 steals and he was at the plate with two outs. He ended up hitting a chopper between 1st and 2nd which ultimately ended the game, but he came damn close to beating it out! After what we have seen so far, I think it is safe to say that he is going to have a tremendous future in MLB.

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    I do not really understand these ratings, but I have heard he rates an 80 for speed...80 is the highest you can fast? absolutely


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      Wow! 80 MPH is even faster than a cheetah!
      My top 10 players:

      1. Babe Ruth
      2. Barry Bonds
      3. Ty Cobb
      4. Ted Williams
      5. Willie Mays
      6. Alex Rodriguez
      7. Hank Aaron
      8. Honus Wagner
      9. Lou Gehrig
      10. Mickey Mantle


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        This is exactly what baseball needs. The better athletes. Football and basketball usually gets the best athletes. Trout is very exciting. I wonder what it would be like to run that fast and hit a ball that far.


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          I agree Richard. I think Harper and Trout will breathe new life into Baseball after all of the years marred by P.E.D.'s.


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