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Orioles Acquire Jim Thome

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  • Orioles Acquire Jim Thome

    The Orioles have acquired veteran slugger Jim Thome from the Phillies for Single-A prospects Kyle Simon and Gabriel Lino, both teams …
    Chop! Chop! Chop!

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    For a " Single-A pitching prospect"? An "Innings-eating starter"?

    Oh well, good for Thome. He had no business in the National League, anyway. His shadow covers more ground than he does at first base.
    They call me Mr. Baseball. Not because of my love for the game; because of all the stitches in my head.


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      :applaud: Good for ole Jimbo!
      Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


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        IMHO, the best pitcher vs. hitter "face-off", expression wise, occurred during the '97 World Series between Jim Thome and Dennis Cook. Thome would throw that bat and point it out and ole Cook with that "deadpan" stare at the plate. Classic!
        Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


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          A Good move for the Orioles and a good move for Jim.


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            Never understood the phillies or thome getting together again


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              Nice move by Philly to give Thome a chance to play more regularly in the AL, where he can simply be the half-a-player he is.
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                With more playing time, there is a good chance that Thome could pass Reggie Jackson on the all time SO list this season. He is only 81 away from the tie.


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                  Thome update:

                  He's still old and he's still washed up.

                  Nah, actually he's chugging along pretty well for a 41-year-old ballplayer. Even in his geriatric stage, Thome has managed a season OPS of 115. Since joining the O's, he has two home runs and six RBI in 18 games.


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