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    Currently leading the NL in batting average out of relative obscurity. I fortunately got the chance to see him hit earlier this year, and from what I saw, his success didn't appear to be a fluke; as he controlled the pace of play at the plate and got deep into most counts as well as anyone I've seen hit this year, all I could think of was, "Why have I never heard of this guy"? Don't think he's much more than an excellent singles and OBP guy from what I remember, but he's been an absolute hidden gem for Philly, a hidden gem indeed.
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    He should be the ASG starting catcher, no question.
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      It's certainly a breakout season for Ruiz, but it's not like he came out of nowhere. He's always been a force in the postseason and has hit some big home runs. He also had a .400 OBP and 127 OPS+ in 2010.
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        Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
        He should be the ASG starting catcher, no question.
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          I think it would be quite appropriate if Dickey and Ruiz were the starting battery for the NL.

          From what I heard tonight, though, the almighty LaRussa stated that Dickey is not a lock to start, and Ruiz apparently isn't starting. I'm not sure what the appeal is for this farce of an exhibition game is if, for just one reason, the best in the game aren't getting their due in the starting lineup.

          What a goof.
          Put it in the books.


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