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Jeff Francoeur: The Ultimate "Change of Scenery" Player?

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  • Jeff Francoeur: The Ultimate "Change of Scenery" Player?

    I read earlier that today was the first of "a few" days that Frenchy will sit on the bench becuase he's been struggling.

    He had a nice season last year, and yeah, he's been highlighted and mentioned very little this season. It's total coincidence, I know... But it's interesting to me that every time he goes to a new team he thrives and collapses the very next year.

    Atlanta 2005:     126 OPS+
    Atlanta 2006:      87 OPS+
    New York 2009:    120 OPS+
    New York 2010:     80 OPS+
    Texas 2010:       121 OPS+
    Texas 2011:        NA
    Kansas City 2011: 119 OPS+
    Kansas City 2012:  74 OPS+
    Like I said - total coincidence - but I found it kind of interesting. But if I'm a GM and he's available, I might only want him for one season.
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    Hey man, if change of scenery is so important, how come it's not on the scoreboard?
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      Texas? 24 game sample size?

      Are the teams changing hitting coaches? Does he play hurt, even if he can't hit well?

      I think a guy like Thome is a much better change of scenery player. In the last 10 years, his first full season with a club is really special, even when he had a completely forgettable 2005.
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