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    Done looks like he's finally back from the got dang concussions that pretty much ruined his past two seasons; it appears he's finally cured himself of the formulaic high-heat strikeouts that really angered me over the past couple years. My question is, what do y'all think of him as a ballplayer? I have him ranked as the #2 first baseman in the AL behind Pujols when healthy (#3 if you consider Miggy to actually be a 1B), though I can certainly see why someone would rank Fielder, Butler, Teixeira, Konerko, (Morales if you consider him a 1B as well) or Youkilis above the gentleman from New Westminster, BC. He's definitely one of the guys with the most pure strength a la Thome in the league. But yeah, I'd love to hear an outside perspective of him.

    I have no doubts that he would be a perennial 40 HR guy if he played in Boston or New York given the field dimensions.
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    As a Twins' fan, I will give Morneau his kudos. From 2006-2009, he averaged 30 HRs and 118 RBI per year while putting up .292/.364/.516. That's very impressive. Had he not gotten hurt, I think he'd have 2 MVPs under his belt and be on his way to 450-500 career HRs. The one thing the Twins' have lacked over the years is a consistent power hitter. Morneau was on his way until he had that last concussion. And in Twins' history(since 1961), I can't think of anybody other than Morneau or Killer that have posted at least 3 30 HR seasons. Killer is still the only 40 HR guy in Twins history.

    But I can't rank him in the top 3, despite how much a like the Twins. I think he's a top 5 guy though.


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      You didn't even mention this guy, but his poor first half in 2012 notwithstanding, I would rank Adrian Gonzalez ahead of Morneau. In addition to Pujols, Teixiera, and Fielder. I don't actually think Teixeira is a better hitter but he stays healthy and he is great defensively.
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        I would say Paul Konerko is having a better year but I think Morneau is better to have because he's younger and it does seem he may be over the concussion. I guess we'll see how he does this last part of the year and next year.
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