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A's get Steven Drew

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  • A's get Steven Drew

    nice move for him and the team

    things were ugly in AZ


    sorry Stephen is correct spelling
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    Nice move...if he can bounce back from his dreadful hitting woes.
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      I dont want to hijack the thread or anything, but how do you guys feel about the Diamondbacks? The guys at MLB Network think they are players in that division, but i just dont see them overtaking the Giants and the Dodgers.

      Mods: if you dont want this discussion here, thats fine. I may just start a separate thread if you dont.


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        Apparently, the A's ate all of the remaining salary which heavily reduced what they needed to send in return. Drew certainly has shown in the past to be a highly productive shortstop, and as bad as Oakland's middle-infield has produced offensively this season, he'd have to be absolutely brutal not to show some type of marked improvement. Even if it doesn't work out, i give the A's credit in making the move. I'm too used to seeing them as sellers each season.

        As so far as the D'backs, they could be players during the next 5 or so weeks. The Giants have some question marks now that Melky's gone, Lincecum's been a question mark, and now Vogelsong's been struggling his last couple of starts. But they have to hurdle a few teams to really get into play IMO. They're on pace for 83-84 wins and I think 88 is the minimum mark to get the 2nd WC or win the NL West.
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