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The Agenda behind the Dodgers "spending spree"

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  • The Agenda behind the Dodgers "spending spree"

    I haven't seen this being brought up here, but I have heard it discussed elsewhere and it actually makes sense:

    Following the 2013 season the Dodgers will free from their current TV contracts and will be negotiating a deal either from an established network or starting their own, ala the Yankees YES network or Boston's NESN.

    Experts are expecting the new deal to fetch upwards of $8-9 BILLION ($200-400MM per year)--an incredibly rich revenue stream over the next 20 years. It makes sense that the Dodgers are doing everything they can to make the Dodgers a star-studded, "Lakeresque" WS contending team in order to negotiate the highest possible price for the new TV contract.

    The Dodgers are basically building equity/market value in the franchise for the BIG payoff 18 months from now.

    Forbes has an excellent article that sums it up perfectly:

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Dodgers make even a few more big money moves this offseason to add even more star power. Forbes estimates the new TV deal will completely offset the Dodgers huge payroll.
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    West Coast Yankees, indeed!
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