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More Acceptable For Former Players to Criticize?

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  • More Acceptable For Former Players to Criticize?

    One of the recurring differences I've noticed between announcers and color commentators (usually former players) is how the color commentators seem less restricted in criticizing a player. A regular announcer tends to candy-coat situations. Color commentators more often come out and say what everyone's thinking. It seems more acceptable because they are former players, so there isn't the air of "you couldn't do it" around them.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    It's not a great idea generally, and I don't think you see as much of it with regional crews, if that announcer ever wants to get the inside scoop in the clubhouse. Start being too critical, and the players will stop talking to you.
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      I see more Mets games than anything else, and the color guys, ex-Mets Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling are not shy about criticizing the Mets' players when they believe it's justified. You should have heard them get on Jose Reyes on the last day of last season, when he came out of the game after getting a hit in his first at-bat to protect his lead for the batting title.
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