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AL Rookie of the Year (Minus Trout)

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  • AL Rookie of the Year (Minus Trout)

    OK, so Mike Trout is a runaway for the AL ROtY award, but I had a question: Who would you pick if he was out of the equation?
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    Off the top of my head (and I may miss somebody), I'd go Trout, Darvish, Cespedas.
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      I'd pick Yoenis Cespedes. It's not an easy choice with Will Middlebrooks having just as good a season in Boston. Darvish is third to me because he's walked way too many batters and suffered for it. Wei-Yin Chen in Baltimore is having a very similar season to Darvish, only with less strikeouts.


      Not-Trout AL Rookies - Cespedes, Middlebrooks, Darvish, Chen.
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        For me its Cespedes.

        The way Mike Trout has played this season its hard to remember that hes just a rookie.


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          I would say Yoenis Cepedes also. Yu Darvish would be my next choice.
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              Wei-Yin Chen
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                Who would win if could combine this with 1987? I'd give it to McGwire.
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