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Amazing Tigers-ChiSox Play (according to

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  • Amazing Tigers-ChiSox Play (according to

    I love this in the play by play from the game today...
    "Viciedo grounded into fielder's choice, Shortstop Jh.Peralta to 2nd Baseman Infante, Viciedo to first, Rios out, Konerko to third, A.Dunn scored
    Viciedo stole second.Konerko stole home.On throwing error by designated hitter , Viciedo advances"

    Throwing error by DESIGNATED HITTER?!!?

    What really happened?
    Infante threw the ball away trying for two, guess Rios put a good slide on him and broke things up.
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    Rios did put a good slide on Infante but I think Fielder shoulda had it. It was deff the play of the game and another reason why Rios is the Sox MVP this season.
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      Wait - Konerko stole home? This I've got to see.
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