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Psychology of Titles and Records

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  • Psychology of Titles and Records

    Melky Cabrera, though he relinquished the title, is still the mathematical leader in BA for 2012 NL.

    It sets a very interesting precedent. All of Bonds', McGwire's, and Sosa's records remained. Does the decision imply that keeping a record is a player's decision (uh-oh, we're giving more power to the players)? Will future violators feel the need to follow suit for the sake of public relations? A record is a record, but can a player stake a claim to it? I mean, we say it all the time: Hank Aaron holds the record for RBI. Ichiro Suzuki owns two batting titles. Is it more appropriate to say that Hank Aaron drove in the most runs? Suzuki won the batting title twice? Rose has the most hits? Bonds is the leader in home runs?
    "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article

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