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A balk is a balk is NOT a balk

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  • A balk is a balk is NOT a balk

    Mods did not know where to put this

    tonight in the Giants Dodgers game (Dodgers MUST win) they are leading with a runner on second and one out, Marco Scutaro up

    The Dodger pitcher takes FOREVER to pitch on almost every pitch and Scutaro after a lengthy wait step out, but the home plate umpire does not call time and in fact as Danley or whatever his name is starts his wind up the umpire scrunshes down behind the catcher to get ready to call the pitch, even though Scutaro is five feet outside the batters box

    So it appears the umpire did not call time and is getting ready to call the pitch a ball or strike and Danley start his delivery, sees Scutaro out of the box and stops his delivery and stumbles off the mound

    the umps don't call the balk, which would have put the tieing run on third with less than 2 out, it was unbelievable an obvious clear balk

    anyway the next pitch Scutaro lined a clutch single to left scoring the tieing run

    they did not call time, nor call the obvious balk

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    The pitcher is presumably accustomed to the modern ump habit of giving batters time any time they feel like stepping out, and was confused. Probably unfair to call that a balk since it was umpires' fault (though not, at this moment, this umpire's fault) that players got used to that to begin with.


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      The rule was amended a few years ago, as noted by Jon Miller on radio during the game, that a balk cannot be called due to the actions of the batter. Scutaro stepping out caused Jansen to "balk" and thus the balk was not called, even though time also had not been called.
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