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Toughest to easiest awards for 2012 - rank them

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  • GiambiJuice
    I think Buck Showalter will win the AL MOY very easily. I know the A's surprised a lot of people, but they've had a somewhat recent history of success. The Orioles have had a LONG playoff drought and Buck is viewed as the #1 reason for their turnaround and change in culture. I think due to the Moneyball book, especially the parts about Art Howe not having any real flexibility to make decisions and most decisions being dictated by Beane, it will be a long time before an Oakland A's manager gets any real credit for his team outperforming expectations. The majority of the credit will go to the GM.

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  • PlanetZoltan
    Why do you have AL MVP number one toughest, but NL MVP 6th toughest?

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  • 9RoyHobbsRF
    started a topic Toughest to easiest awards for 2012 - rank them

    Toughest to easiest awards for 2012 - rank them

    Which awards are hard to vote for in 2012 and which ones are easy

    rank them 1 toughest to 8 hardest

    in other words.... in my view ....

    1. Toughest award AL MVP

    2. Second toughest AL Manager

    3. Third toughest AL Cy Young

    4. Fourth toughest NL Manager

    5. Fourth easiest NL Cy Young

    6. Third easiest NL MVP

    7. Second easiest NL rookie of Year

    8. Easiest AL Rookie of year

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