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Time For Livan Hernandez to quit while he's ahead

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  • Time For Livan Hernandez to quit while he's ahead

    To say Livan Hernandez has a mixed success is putting it mildly. While winning two games in the 1997 World Series for the 1997 World's Champion Florida Marlins, he also was the losing pitcher in game 7 of the 2002 World Series for the San Francisco Giants Versus the Los Angeles Angels He'll sport a high earned run average but give your team innings, innings,innings often more than 200 a season in true workhorse fashion. Each positive attribute of Livan's is paired with a negative one. Livan both giveth and taketh away.

    His lifetime record now stands at 178-177 and it appears this would be a good time to get out while he's still ahead and still has an above .500 career won-loss record
    His retirement looms especially in light of the fact that Hernandez somehow managed a 4-1 record with an earned run average near 6.50 in 2012 and his performance fell off quite a bit late in the season. (Lifetime Livan's ERA is 4.44) His last 10 appearences of 2012 were downright horrible. In a long relief role for the Brewers he managed to avoid having any decisions at all but that 0-0 record in his final 10 games also comes with an 11.77 ERA during that span. In his final appearence of 2012 on September 29 he entered a game against Houston with a 9-0 lead in the ninth inning after Marco Estrada had dazzled the 'Stros for the first eight innings with 11 stikeouts. Hernandez gave up 5 runs in 2/3 of an inning and the Brewers had to call upon Jose Veras to get the game's final out.

    This is not to demean Hernandez's many accomplishments. His career started with a single appearence in a game at the very end of 1996 and the following year he burst onto the secene with a 9-3 record plus those two World Series wins and he was runner-up in the voting for the Rookie Of The Year Award.
    At the end of the just-concluded 2012 season Hernandez is the leader among active pitchers in career Innings Pitched with 3189. (Andy Pettitte with barely 3000 IP was a distant runner-up in that category). Hernandez led the league in Innings Pitched three consecutive years (2003-2005) and even more amazing by current pitching standards is that he had 10 seasons with at least 200 innings pitched and missed an eleventh 200 Innings Pitched season by 1/3 of an inning. That's a workhorse if there ever was one. Hernandez also ranks in the top 75 in career strikeouts, missing the 2000 strikeout plateau by a mere two dozen (1976 Ks). Hernandez was an all-star twice with the Expos/Nationals franchise making the National League all-star team in the franchise's last year in Montreal and first year in Washington (2004 & 2005).

    If Saturday was Hernandez's final major leagues appearence then I can say that my team, the Philadelphia Phillies, did their part to help Livan's career. On August 16 Hernandez pitched well enough in relief to earn a win over the Phillies. That win, which may be his final career decision, pushed his lifetime record over the .500 mark
    (178-177, .501 Win Pctg.). Now ,however, might be the right time for Livan to quit while he's ahead.

    by Dennis Orlandini (philliesfiend55).
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    his brother was the man! Livan...not so much


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      Livan Hernandez is so mediocre even I wouldn't make a Hall of Fame thread for him.


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        Originally posted by Blackout View Post
        his brother was the man! Livan...not so much
        Orlando's career in the majors was short. Too bad he couldn't have gotten to America at a younger age Pitching for the Yankees in one of their "golden eras" definitely helped his won-loss record (17-9 in his best year and 90-65 overall).
        Livan's best attribute was that the term "Innings Eater" was practically invented to describe him.
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          The trade to Montreal may have been the thing to extend his career. He was a sub-par pitcher while with the Giants, and was pretty much forced out with SF's youth movement of pitching talent ready for the 2003 season. Livan's best two years were those with the Expos.
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            I'll say this for Hernandez: It's a battle between him and Chan Ho Park for the all-time greatest #61.
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              Originally posted by Cowtipper View Post
              Livan Hernandez is so mediocre even I wouldn't make a Hall of Fame thread for him.
              I'm sure that if in his best single season he'd won 20 games instead of 17, some member would have posted one. Some pretty iffy candidates have been the subject of Hall Of Fame threads on this forum in the past.


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                Hernandez's 50 complete Games ranks second among active pitchers. (Only topped by Roy Halladay - 66).
                His 9 Shutouts ranks ninth among active players.


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                  Ah yes, Livan Hernandez. The only opening game I've been to was in 2008 at the Metrodome, the newly acquired Hernandez taking the mound as our opening day starter over Scott Baker and others due to their inexperience; the oft-ignored-historically-yet-incredibly-awesome Brad Radke had retired in 2006, and his successor, Johan Santana, the best pitcher in baseball at the time (though 2007 certainly was an off year), had departed for Queens, NY in the worst trade in club history. Work, work, work he did that year. I'll never forget the time he kicked a ball over to Justin Morneau that was too difficult to pick up and throw in time for an out.

                  I just thank the heavens I wasn't a Braves fan in 1997 (I'll proactively apologize to any Braves fan for posting this; I'm sure it brings back awful memories):

                  Another video, this time of him being a complete *** to a ballboy in St. Petersburg:
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                    Give Livan credit. He was smart enough to exploit the umpire's eyesight problems or poor day at the plate and kept throwing them outside to lefties, where he''d get a called strike and the batter could probably only get a foul tip if he'd swung.


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                      He may not have been spectacular and he is definitely on his way out, but he gave you all that you could ever want out of a 4th - 5th starter during his prime and preserved the bullpen like no other. Just take a look at his innings totals year in and year out; he was an absolute work horse.


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