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What is WRONG with the 1 game playoff setup in relation to all post season series

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    Originally posted by 9RoyHobbsRF View Post
    First I think there IS a problem with wild card teams (when there was 1) not worried about trying for the division title and coasting into the playoffs where there was really very little difference between making the playoffs as a division champion or making it as a wild card.


    1) the teams are allowed to submit a 1 game playoff roster, which means they can load up on relief pitchers and bench players and not worry about starting pitchers - the obvious solution would be to submit a playoff roster to make it through at least the wild card game AND 1 round
    Did the wild card teams do this?

    2) then the next series, I do not like that the best teams with the best records are forced to open the series on the road - I don't care if it is 2-3 setup and supposedly willget the home field advantage but only if the series goes at least 5 games (the maximum), they should open at home and go 2-2-1 or whatever
    2-2-1 worked fine for a long time. No need to change it. But let's see how it works long term. 3 out of 4 lower seeds won.

    3) related, how insane is it the #1 seed in both leagues will not know until very late on Friday which city they have to travel to to start the best of 5 series - giving them a day or a day and a quarter at most to travel and/or make travel plans - again a huge penalty for a team with the supposed #1 seed

    fix one problem (wild card teams with no incentive to get division) and create 3 (or more) new ones
    Why not turn the wild card game into a regular season game, as it was if two teams were tied and the tiebreaker game was needed?
    Holding a pitcher accountable for how many runs his team scores is like holding the designated hitter accountable for how many runs his team allows.

    An individual statistic is meaningful only if it is based strictly on what the player does and not on what the other players on his team do.

    Contrary to what most baseball fans claim, a pitched ball which is hit into play is not a strike.


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