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  • Viva el Scutaro

    I was happy to Scutaro be successful during the NLCS. He took a lot of blog/forum abuse from Colorado fans this year. An championship series MVP is impressive, and it is all his. I even liked, which is difficult for me, Tim McCarver's comment after the game that the Rockies were 64-98 and Scutaro was able to get away and go to the World Series. From the gutter to the penthouse in a matter of months.
    Take a good look (at Jim Tracy), you won't see him for long! (my play on Drew Goodman's homerun call...)

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    The prevailing thought is that Scutaro suffered from an abundance of bad luck in Colorado. His first half BABIP was .295 while his second half BABIP was .345. That seems to suggest there's something to that.
    San Francisco Giants, World Series Champions in 2010, 2012, and 2014!!!

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      They basically did the same thing with Cody Ross in 2010. They got him off waivers IIRC simply to keep the Padres from getting him - who they were in a dogfight with. He went on to absolutely annihilate the Phillies in the NLCS that year.
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