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Question about "home" games that were played as visitors

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  • Question about "home" games that were played as visitors

    These situations happened due to severe weather and political reasons. So when the Marlins played "home games" at US Cellular Field, the Marlins at Safeco Field, the Astros at Miller Park, and the Jays at Citizens Bank Park, did the stats count as stats for their respective home ballparks?
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    My guess is no, as there is no need for that. The splits are already accounted for in ballpark tallies, and it's accounted for in the general "home" splits.
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      They don't. So, if a Yankee hits a HR in a home game at Wrigley Field, he gets credit for a HR at home, but does not get credit for a HR at Yankee Stadium. That's what baseball-reference says, anyway.


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        One of my favorite Miller Park experiences was an Indian's home series against the Angels back in April '07. 10 dollar seats 2 rows behind home plate. There were about 5K people in the whole stadium. I think there were 2 people in the bleachers.
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          Originally posted by UnderPressure View Post
          These situations happened due to ... and political reasons.
          Political reasons? Either I'm forgetting something, or I just plain haven't heard of these yet. What happened?


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