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Stan Musial and Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News

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  • Stan Musial and Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News

    Just moments ago, Lester Holt announced on NBC Nightly News that Stan Musial passed away last night.

    It was a short montage of video clips capped with President Obama putting a medal around his neck.

    Whoever wrote the copy should be pulled aside, really. Lester Holt called Stan Musial a shortstop.

    Your Second Base Coach
    Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey started 833 times and the Dodgers went 498-335, for a .598 winning percentage. That’s equal to a team going 97-65 over a season. On those occasions when at least one of them missed his start, the Dodgers were 306-267-1, which is a .534 clip. That works out to a team going 87-75. So having all four of them added 10 wins to the Dodgers per year.

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    Comparing the amount of air time the passing of Stan Musial received with the amount of air time the media devoted to the Notre Dame fool, it shouldn't shock anyone that a newscast incorrectly stated Musial's position.
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      Apples and oranges.

      No... Apples and Work Boots or some other item related even less to apples.
      "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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        Saw that. Shook my head in disblief. Even a obit, they still get it wrong.


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