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major league baseball in mexico

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  • major league baseball in mexico

    The time has come for a major league team to move to Mexico. Baseball is even more popular down there than it is in America. In particular, I'm thinking of the city of Monterrey, Mexico. There are about 2.5 to 3 million people in and around the city and it is not terribly far from the Texas border. Demand for a team should be significantly higher down there than it is in places like Montreal, Tampa Bay, or Miami.

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    RE: major league baseball in mexico

    Wow! I'll bet the cable deal would be worth a lot!
    Who has disposable income in the area you suggest to support a baseball franchise? The only place in Mexico that could support a MLB franchise is Mexico City.


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      RE: major league baseball in mexico

      we're still waiting for the major leagues to come to TampaBay.
      ...still plays with cars


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        RE: major league baseball in mexico

        I haven't really thought about this, but here's an idea: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

        You wouldn't even have to leave the country!!!
        I'm NickG, and I approve this message.

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          RE: major league baseball in mexico

          As far as my answer in this conterversy, NO. NO. PLEASE. NO. No baseball in Mexico. We already got NAFTA bonehead Slick Wiley done signed into law and we as Americans are up a creek without a paddle. We done enough so-called nice things for Mexico, and I say NO. Plus I never been down there but I done heard about the water down there. Every team will be delayed getting back to the field from the clubhouse between each inning, this will drag the game out even more as we wait for the players to emerge from using the labratory. To win a game a team needs to score runs and THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THAT OTHER KIND OF RUNS. Runs belong ON THE FIELD, we don't need no case of the runs as well. Baseball is complex enough as is, thank you.


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            Could you explain that??

            Hi, folks! well, this is my first day around the forum and I found this post :atthepc .

            As I'm trying to respect the rules of the forum and not taking anything personal, I found this post really disrespectful... maybe the poster is not registered anymore though.

            Anyway, baseball in Mexico might not have a strong publicity as soccer, but it certainly has the most faithfull fans you've ever seen. Just try to imagine being against a 90% of the population who LOVES soccer and try to make them understand it's easier to hit a ball with your feet than hitting a round ball with a round-surface bat in less than a second to make a decision. We mexicans who love baseball, are die-hard fans. That's a fact.

            Monterrey, Mexico, one of the candidates to host the Expos before MLB (Bud Selig)'s decision of taking them to DC. I have nothing against DC, they deserved to have a baseball team after all these years, but not comment should be made against the best Latin-American city to establish business within, and the third largest city in Mexico. Monterrey's metropolitan area holds around 3 million people, it holds a potencial market of around 5 million people to attend a MLB game. It has hosted some MLB games, including 1996 opening series between Padres and Mets and Padres vs Rockies in 1999. Both series were played with a crowded stadium. Monterrey (where I live, although I wasn't born here) is only a less-than-2-hour drive from the border with Texas. Many of our dollar-earning "paisanos" living there, consider this as a shorter trip than going to Houston or Arlington to support texans teams... and they're willing to pay a cheaper beer (it cost as much as $1.5 USD here) and a dollar-expensive "torta" (mexican sandwich). Believe me, Bud Selig wants to keep the american past time, very american at this time, no matter how much he talks about internationalization.

            Maybe we'll never have a MLB team here, but you stated here:

            Plus I never been down there but I done heard about the water down there
            Man, don't let others make your mind up. You've got the be there in order to know for real what's going on.... take the time to know other cultures, you'd be amazed of how much we can learn about each other...

            peace, brothers
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              I forgot, you can check this link in order to know some more about the Monterrey Stadium.



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                the financing and local $ support is not there - major league baseball costs a lot of money and the local fans, businesses and government must come up with it yearly - sorry, i understand the idea but it's not realistic


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                  Maybe Arte Moreno would be interested, as long as the folk down there wouldn't mind the team being called the Los Angeles Angels of Monterey.


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                    Given that the US only won 2-0 last night, I think Mexico would be a great place for a team. Great players, great spirit. What better way to bring collaboration and understanding between two countries than baseball?


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                      I was surprised by the amount of Mexican baseballfans in Canada, on that Mexico-US game.


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