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Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

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  • Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

    This is to talk about both the Super NES and GameBoy versions of the game. Here's my overview of each version: (vintage games)

    SNES (1994) - above average graphics, fictional players (with the exception of Griffey) can be quite a problem if you like realistic rosters like "B. Tewksbur" (there is an eight character limit for each player) instead of "H. Moe." In addition, you can pick your team from the 28 (no Tampa Bay or Arizona, as this is in 1994), from the New York Mets to the Boston Red Sox, and best of all, you can PICK your stadium! The DH rule, auto fielding, and turning off background music are avaliable options.

    The controls are very responsive, press Y to bunt, X to steal, L+R to switch bases, A is not used when your team is batting, and B swings. When your team is pitching, B+D-Pad is used to determine your pitch. Included is a season mode, all-star game, and a season mode (26, 78, or 162 games). Even best is a World Series mode, which you can have like Seattle Mariners vs. Colorado Rockies, or Toronto Blue Jays (best team) vs. Montreal Expos.

    GB (1997) - although this may look like a port of the SNES game, it's watered down because of limitations (yes I know the graphics don't look good, but it's the GameBoy), and you can still pick the 28 teams (California Angels are now Anaheim Angels in this version). Best of all, you can trade players to your favorite team, and unlike the SNES version, it has an MLBPA license, meaning you can play as Bobby Abreu, John Mabry, and much more.

    It has updated rosters of the 1997 season (obviously), and controls are very responsive, just tab B to swing, and A to bunt, Select+B steals, and Select+D-Pad makes you choose which base should steal. Same rules as the SNES version, and Super GameBoy compatable. Pitching is determined on B+D-Pad. Same game modes as the SNES version, and included if you play the full season (162)...Interleague play.

    These two games may not rank as good as RBI Baseball (NES), but they are efficient time killers. (sorry if I sound a bit chatty about these two games)

    Post away about any positive or negative comments about these two games.

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