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  • DM Classic Keeper League All Star Voting

    --I like to select 30 players for the All Star team. Please vote for 2 players at each position, plus a third a 2 positions (as a wild card to total 18 position players). Also vote for 8 starting pitchers, numbered 1-8 and 4 relievers, numbered 1-4 (for a total of 12 pitchers). All the data you need to make your selections is attached.
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    My ballot

    C: Elston Howard, Earl Battey, Johnny Roseboro
    1B: Jim Gentile, Willie McCovey
    2B: Pete Runnells, Jerry Lumpe
    3B: Eddie mathews, Ken Boyer
    SS: Tony Kubek, Zolio Versalles
    --Leo Cardenas has outplayed everybody, but I've had to limit his playing time (backup Dick McAuliffe has ripped the cover off the ball too)
    LF: Frank Robinson, Billy Williams
    CF: Willie Mays, Muckey Mantle
    RF: Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron
    1) Camilio Pasqual
    2) Sandy Koufax
    3) Bob Friend
    4) Frank Lary
    5) Warren Spahn
    6) Whitey Ford
    7) Don Lee
    8) Juan Pizzaro
    1) Billy Stafford - Stafford could make it as either a SP or RP and has probably been the league's best pitcher; 10-0, 1.92, 93 IP in combined action with the Hard Cider and Knights
    2) Tom Morgan
    3) Wes Stock
    4) Barney Schultz


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      C: Elston Howard, Carl Sawatski
      1B: Jim Gentile, Orlando Cepeda(beats McCovey to rep. Nails)
      2B: Pete Runnells, Jerry Lumpe(beats out Gilliam to be KC's rep)
      3B: Eddie mathews, Al Smith(beats Boyer to be Dude sole rep.)
      SS: Woodie Held, Luis Aparicio
      LF: Al Kaline, Gene Woodling(WAS rep)
      CF: Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider(playing center, listed as RF and beats Aaron by a nose)
      RF: Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson(6 OFers, but the positions are loaded)
      1) Camilio Pasqual
      2) Billy Stafford
      3) Sandy Koufax
      4) Bob Friend
      5) Frank Lary
      6) Warren Spahn
      7) Don Lee
      8) Art Mahaffey(PHI rep)
      1) Tom Morgan
      2) Wes Stock
      3) Barney Schultz
      4) Frank Funk

      Every team has a representative, and in true All-Star style, I had to snub a few guys to do it!



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        --Scott, you've got Al Smith as the Gambler's lne rep, but also Elston Howard who also plays for the Gamblers and makes it on merit. I've got Battey rather than Cededa off the Quakers. Catcher is a very deep field this season though. I assumed my own Johnny Romano would battle for a spot, but once I looked at the other rosters he wasn't quite up to a few other guys. I wasn't as concerned with representing the CMed doormats. Only Lumpe got my vote from those 3 teams.


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          Mark - I can vote for the all star team based only on the top 10, but it would be better to give everyone's roster with stats a once over. Will you be posting team stats on the other thread for each team, so I could look at everyone's players before I vote, or should I just go ahead and use the top 10 charts? You and Scott have all the rosters, I believe, because you both have the game, but the rest of us don't have up to date team stats to review. Or maybe I'm being too picky here, not sure.
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            --I thought I posted up to date team rosters as well as leaderboards in the first post of this thread. Looks like I got the right pitching file, but the batting was team totals rather than individuals. I'll get the correct file up in the next post (why or why can't attachments be edited?).
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              --Team batting stats
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                Legends 1961 All Star Ballot

                I considered going with only one secondbaseman (a very weak position) so I could go with eight outfielders, but in a very tough decision I dropped Ron Fairly and kept Hank Aaron - and Aaron came this close" " to getting dropped. I also have no leftfielders, at least as the game sees them. However, I figure the game must do something strange for outfield positions, since one team had no leftfielder, and another had one leftfielder - with 150 or so AB.

                Catchers: Carl Sawatski, Johnny Blanchard (not a homer vote; has second highest OPS). Only concern about Sawatski is low number of AB.
                First Base: Willie McCovey, Norm Cash, Jim Gentile
                Second Base: Jim Gilliam, Jerry Lumpe (the only doormat player I found I could add in good conscience)
                Third Base: Ed Mathews, Ken Boyer
                Shortstop: Leo Cardenas, Woodie Held
                Left Field: Duke Snider, Hank Aaron
                Center Field: Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle
                Right Field: Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, Roger Maris

                Starting Pitchers: Frank Lary, Bob Friend, Sandy Koufax, Camilo Pascual, Whitey Ford, Bill Stafford, Dick Hall, Don Lee
                Relievers: Wes Stock, Tom Morgan, Barney Schultz, Frank Funk
                You see, you spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. J. Bouton


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                  --To clarify, the position listed for each player is where they played the most in real life. That won't be changed in the program even if they play 162 at a different position. For example, Al Kaline was the Tigers RFer with only a few appearances in LF. He is the Diablos regular LFer (with Clemente in RF). Feel free to move outfielders to the opposite corner for this vote.
                  --Only one day left in the voting. We'll be keeping career records for this league and this team will be saved for posterity. Please contribute your vote.


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                    My Ballot

                    C-Sawatski (somewhat of a homer vote), Blanchard, Howard
                    1B-Gentile, McCovey
                    2B-Gilliam, Lumpe
                    3B-Mathews, Boyer
                    SS-Held, Cardenas,
                    LF-Fr. Robinson, Snider
                    CF-Mays, Mantle, Aaron
                    RF-Maris, Clemente

                    SP-Pascual, Lary, Friend, Stafford, Koufax, Spahn, Ford, D.Lee
                    RP-Stock, Morgan, Funk, Schultz


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                      Catcher: E.Howard, Blanchard
                      1B:Jim Gentile, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda
                      2B: Gilliam, Lumpe
                      SS: Leo Cardenas, Luis Aparacio
                      3B: Eddie Mathews, Ken Boyer
                      LF: Duke Snider, Gene Woodling
                      CF: Mays, Mantle
                      RF: Maris, Frank Robinson, Clemente

                      2.Sandy Koufax
                      3.Frank Lary
                      4.Bill Stafford
                      5.Bob Friend
                      6.Don Lee
                      7.Warren Spahn
                      8.Juan Pizzaro

                      AL East Champions: 1981 1982
                      AL Pennant: 1982
                      NL Central Champions: 2011
                      NL Wild Card: 2008

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                        C: Howard, Battey
                        1B: Gentile, McCovey
                        2B: Runnells, Lumpe
                        3B: Mathews, Ken Boyer
                        SS: Held, Kubek
                        LF: Frank Robinson, Williams
                        CF: Mantle, Mays
                        RF: Maris, Clemente

                        1) Pasqual
                        2) Koufax
                        3) Friend
                        4) Lary
                        5) Spahn
                        6) Lee
                        7) Ford
                        8) O'Toole

                        1) Stafford
                        2) Morgan
                        3) Stock
                        4) Schultz
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                        - Danielle Rousseau


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                          C: Elston Howard, Johnny Roseboro (leads steals against by ~20%)
                          1B: Jim Gentile, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda
                          2B: Junior Gilliam, Jerry Lumpe
                          3B: Eddie Mathews, Ken Boyer
                          SS: Woodie Held, Maury Wills
                          LF: Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron
                          CF: Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider
                          RF: Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente

                          1) Camilio Pasqual
                          2) Sandy Koufax
                          3) Billy Stafford
                          4) Bob Friend
                          5) Frank Lary
                          6) Whitey Ford
                          7) Don Lee
                          8) Eli Grba
                          1) Wes Stock
                          2) Tom Morgan
                          3) Barney Schultz
                          4) Dick Hall

                          Boy is the offense flying around or what? Selecting 12 pitchers was a lot easier.


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                            Last call for votes

                            --I'll be tallying the votes and posting the All Star team tomorrow morning. Still looking for ballots from Elhalo and Nails. SS and 2B are still wide open. One wild card/OF spot is still in question as well.


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                              1961 All Star Team

                              --The Knights proved to be the most popular team with All Star voters, placing 9 players on the squad. Eddie Mathews was the lone unanimous first team selection and is joined in the starting lineup by Willie Mays, Jim Gentile and Camilio Pascual. Junior Gilliam, Leo Cardenas, Bill Stafford, Barney Schultz and Frank Funk also made the team.
                              --Secondbase was the most interesting position in the voting. Jerry Lumpe made the first team - even though nobody voted for him as the best (he was the backup selection on every ballot). Only three players received votes, leading to all three making the team - in spite of it being perhaps the leagues weakest position.
                              --The first team (vote totals/5 1st/3 2nd/1 3rd)
                              C: Elston Howard (26)
                              1B: Jim Gentile (31)
                              2B: Jerry Lumpe (21)
                              3B: Eddie Mathews (35)
                              SS: Woody Held (23)
                              LF: Frank Robinson (27)
                              CF: Willie Mays (33)
                              RF: Roger Maris (31)
                              -----------------------(8 for 1st and so on, 4 for 1st RP)
                              SP: Camilio Pascual (53)
                              SP: Sandy Koufax (44)
                              SP: Bob Friend (39)
                              SP: Frank Lary (39)
                              RP: Tom Morgan (23)
                              RP: Wes Stock (21)

                              The second team
                              C: Carl Sawatski (13)
                              1B: Willie McCovey (20)
                              2B: Junior Gilliam (20)
                              2B: Pete Runnells (15)
                              3B: Ken Boyer (15)
                              SS: Leo Cardenas (13)
                              OF: Mickey Mantle (23)
                              OF: Roberto Clemente (21)
                              OF: Duke Snider (15)
                              OF: Hank Aaron (8) - judgement call, there were several 8-9 point guys for the last spot and Aaron was up against a much tougher field to get his than C/SS
                              SP: Billy Stafford (34)
                              SP: Warren Spahn (16)
                              SP: Don Lee (14)
                              SP: Whitey Ford (11)
                              RP: Barney Schultz (12)
                              RP: Frank Funk (5)

                              Others receiving votes
                              C: Blanchard 9, battey 6, Roseboro 4
                              1B: Cepeda 5, Cash 3
                              3B: Smith 3
                              SS: Kubek 8, Aparicio 6, Wills 3, Versalles 3
                              OF: Williams 6, Woodling 6, Kaline 5
                              SP: Hall3, Pizzaro 2, Grba 1, O'Toole 1, Mahaffey 1
                              2B and RP: nobody recieved votes without making the team
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