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    From How many of these have we played? I've done a few games in my day. RBI (NES), Bases Loaded, Triple Play and now The Show. There was also a pretty cool arcade game where you use a joystick for pitching, then go to hitting after.
    Sit down, grab a controller and you can be anything. A marauding adventurer storming a castle. A plumber trying to save a princess. An L-shaped brick tumbling from the sky. For a baseball fan, video games are a way to live out 1,000 glorious victories or suffer innumerable agonizing defeats.

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    Oddly, I never played MVP Baseball, at least not the 2005 version. Pretty interesting that it retains a continued following, especially considering all the computing power put into games since.

    I never got into playing baseball on the computer other than Strat-O-Matic, which can hardly be called a video game. Got into it heavily, in fact, collecting all seasons back to 1876. These days, they're all just waitin' to be resold.

    I also never played much baseball in the arcades. Can't say I recall all that many of them there anyway, but I also must've always felt there were distractions more worthy of my quarters.

    The earliest recollection I have on the home console was at a friend's house in high school. He had ColecoVision. Or was it Odyssey? Whichever, I just recall running the bases against him at will while he threw a tantrum telling me how I wouldn't run the guy in real life. I begged to differ; it was real-life ColecoVision.

    I think for me, video baseball wasn't worth much of my time until it took on a certain level of realism, which didn't happen in the days of 16-bit. I did have Baseball Stars, tho.

    Fast forward to this century. I've been getting MLB: The Show annually for about ten years. I think I keep updating because I get a thrill hearing Matty V. say the newer players' names, not to mention seeing their likenesses. That the game's never been allowed to somehow incorporate the names of players who haven't seen at least one game of MLB service is dumb imo, but I won't digress.

    As an aside, 2020 will be the first year The Show won't be exclusive to Playstation.

    I also have RBI Baseball '14 on PS3. Has a very retro feel to it, despite the MLB endorsement.

    I kinda like Super Mega Baseball for the PS4. If one can get past the caracaturish head-bangin' environment, there's enough to do to keep me just interested enough.
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      No, I can't stand video games now. Long ago, I played a lot of Pac-Man, until I discovered blisters between my fingers because I had the stick lodged there for long periods of time. The blisters would keep me from playing golf or in my weekly bowling league, so I gave up the games cold.

      Strat-O-Matic was a game which we had never heard about in the Midwest. A friend in high school would have been glad to play against as a partner, and maybe it would snowball from there. Yes, it is self evident, but you have to have the game available before you can play.

      That EA Sports franchise probably has something to offer, but I don't have time. When family puts me away in a home, then they can strap me to a bed with a game. Life is short, and its best to be outside.
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