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  • Humorous Alternate Hank Aaron

    I was playing an old baseball simulator (Baseball Mogul 2010) and ended up with an interesting Hank Aaron, definitely the greatest hitter of All-Time.

    3580 games
    13528 AB
    2758 RS
    4381 Hits
    873 2B
    136 3B
    1010 HR
    3167 RBI
    1936 BB
    335 IBB
    108 SB

    21 All-Star Games (there are no double games in the 60's)
    13 MVP Awards
    1 GG
    19 Grand Slams

    4x 60 or more HR
    7x 150 or more RBI

    Never struck out more than 89 times.

    Interesting. If you guys want to know about any other players in that timeline let me know. It's pretty funny.
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    What strikes me as the most weird about that resume is that he only won one Gold Glove. :P
    46 wins to match last year's total


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