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    Originally posted by Sultan_1895-1948
    Gotta go with NES Major League Baseball. Spent hours and hours putting off chores playing this bad boy. Came out in July of '89, so it had '88 stats for the players; Oakland was a juggernaut with the bash bros. Funny, after you hit the ball the screen would go blank for a couple seconds, lol we've come quite a ways.
    Yeah, and did anyone ever play Earl Weaver Baseball - if I recall correctly they had something where you could play it like a video game? In this one park, the game would freeze and the fielder just kept on running against the wall with the ball right next to him if the ball was hit a certain way. Played it so much I can remember this freaky dream where I was watching a real live game and an outfielder actually did that in my dream, just kept running against the wall as if frozen like the game. (Guess in my dream Steve "multiple lifetime suspensions" Howe was in the outfield. :-)

    My poor reflexes and low vision have kept me from playing lots of the more complex video games, but one I could play really well was Intellivision's Major League Baseball. They had a World Series Baseball with Intellivoice but it must have sold out fast becasue I would surely have gotten it if either I or soemone I knew had seen it.
    The most advanced one of theirs - 3-D panning, announcers w/Intellivoice, etc., had lots of things modern ones do. Sort of like Dickey Pearce at shortstop. :-)

    Otherwise, for me it's always just been the strategy games like Strat-O-Matic. (And remember the old Epyx games for the DCommodore 64? Boy, that makes me sound old, huh? :-)

    I have some more papers and stuff to do now with my classes, so I'm 'retiring" from here fro a while, but it's been great to be on these baords. It's fun to remember stuff like this.
    If Baseball Integrated Early - baseball integrated from the beginning - and "Brotherhood and baseball," the U.S. history companion, at - IBIE updated for 2011.

    "Full House Chronology" at yahoo group fullhousefreaks & fullhouse4life with help of many fans, thanks for the input


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      Tommy Lasorda Baseball - Genesis

      For its time (1989-1990), TLB was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it had no MLB or players' union license and all the DHs were named "Zunt".


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        Originally posted by yankees rule
        High Heat baseball 2001.

        Last year I bought MVP 2005, but I still didn't manage to improve my skills with that game.
        High heat got smashed by critics, but i loved it. It was very detailed and still has some feature moden games dont. but my fav. were either MVP 2005 or RBI baseball for sega

        My 100th post! (am i still a newbie?)


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          I remember playing Sports Talk Baseball a lot on the Genesis with my brother, along with Super Batter Up on the SNES and I still play Bases Loaded on the Gameboy if I get extremly bored.... Never had the patience to beat that game all the way through, lost to the Majors team the only time I played them... usually get bored around AA or AAA


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            Definitely loved Baseball Stars. I once played an 18 inning 0-0 game against the Ghoulie Monsters. The Game stopped after the 18th....I know I would have won it in the 19th!!!
            I think it was Tony Larusso baseball that had a minor glitch in it. Sometimes if a player dove head first into first base, he'd keep sliding into the stands, come out on the opposite side of the field and continue this slide forever! Pretty funny the 1st time, but not if you were winning the game!


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