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  • Drafting Help Please!

    Hey Baseball Fever,

    Whats going on guys. I've been crazy busy this offseason and have a draft approaching that starts tomorrow! It is a 16 team 5X5 Roto in Yahoo. I was wondering if any of you would mind send me over your draft projections so I don't look like a complete

    I'm looking for an excel spreadsheet with an overall list of all players, and then players broken down by position.

    Let me know what is floating around there and what you guys use.

    Thanks in advance much obliged.


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    Hey, welcome to BBF!

    I don't have a spreadsheet like that, but I'd recommend looking at the Current Player League ( for ideas.


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      Thanks for the welcome Wade!

      Hmmm...perhaps I should have been more precise. I'm not looking for 'an overall list of players' as I have mentioned (had a long day, haha) but whatever tools draft strategies you guys use for drafting Fantasy Teams, i.e. Player Rankings, projections, etc.

      Anybody have anything like this? Thanks.


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