The Mike Morgan Redraft League is looking for a few owners to round out our league roster for 2008. The Morgan League is a redraft league that uses the unique "Mendoza" scoring format. If you have never tried Mendoza, it is by far the best, most realistic scoring system out there. Your team is assigned a W-L record by applying Bill James' Pythagorean Theorem to your team's runs "scored" and "allowed." Runs scored are calculated using a "runs created" formula, and runs allowed are based on actual runs allowed with a minimum and maximum IP. You can designate closers, short relievers and long relievers to add or subtract leverage to your reliever innings. Players are acquired through an e-Bay style auction that occurs in late March, and you pay your actual payroll into the league pool, which is disbursed to all teams at the end of the year based on the final standings. There is unlimited trading from the end of the auction through August 31. Other Mendoza leagues have a reserve clause and arbitration simulator, but the Mike Morgan League is strictly a single-year league. There is an optional off-season winter tournament played using Diamond Mind, where you play your own team against owners from other Mendoza leagues.

The Morgan League is a great way to try the Mendoza format without committing to a keeper league. If this sounds like fun, check out the website: or email me at [email protected].